Monday, March 14, 2011

What's It's (Re)purpose?

Real Simple magazine has a monthly feature entitled "New Uses for Old Things" that I find intriguing. Dental floss has amazing applications, in case you ever wondered.

So here are a few things scattered around our home that have found their (re)purpose.

Ikea toy storage for socks, undies and undershirts, respectively.

Empty spice jars as coin banks (Source: Giver's Log ).

Plastic silverware organizer (dollar store find) as bathroom drawer organizer.

Decorative box as make-up storage. (Please ignore the pink counter)

Plate rack to display photos.

Retro chair (found on curb for $1 each) as a nightstand in sons' Detroit Tigers bedroom.

Glass cabinet door as photo display (door was not yet drilled for hinges).

Drop ceiling tile as tack/ribbon board (idea from Megan).

As I perused the house searching for repurposed items, I was excited to see how much we use these quick fixes and finds. Now I need to go hunt down my magazines to figure what else I can do with my extra rubber bands.

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