Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Windy Wednesday

Michigan isn't known for hurricane-like winds. We pretty much have the cutting icy blasts of winter and then stick to pleasant breezes throughout the rest of the year.

But today . . . today we had forceful winds. The kind of wind that whips up your skirt and ties your hair in knots simultaneously. The kind of wind that makes you grip your steering wheel painfully and catches your breath when you venture outdoors.

The kind that knocks down dead trees on your property . . .

. . . and onto your basketball court . . .

. . . and through your nice fence.

Today, I don't like the wind. Or the rain (since there is wet carpet in my basement. Again.)

And I especially don't like the knowledge that there are a host of other dead trees in the "woods" just waiting to bend in the breeze. They're swaying right now, taunting me to panic and not allow my children outside. Ever again.

I may have to go purchase a chainsaw and a flannel shirt. Beware, dead trees. Be. Ware.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Another Day

Today's the day . . . my birthday. It's also Tax Day (and my hubby's a CPA). It's also the final Friday of school before my kiddos have a week of vacation.

This morning I couldn't decide whether to pack up Moose and trot from store to store (which is a rarity) or to let him take his nap and I nap too.

And since it's my birthday, I decided to curl up with KiKi (my Kindle) and read from "The Count of Monte Cristo" until I fell asleep.

It was bliss. At least until my phone alarm sounded the time to pick up Fritz from Kindergarten.

But for those few minutes - BLISS!

I've been spending the rest of my day contemplating the many blessings that arose during the last year. We have had some heartache, but so many joyful gifts from God. We've not only seen, but experienced answered prayer. We've watched the Lord turn disappointment into JOY in our lives. We've witnessed salvation and spiritual growth in our children and ourselves. We've observed the Lord do things for His glory, therefore for our best good.

And it's a good place to be.

So this year I don't feel old and decrepit (as some may think I should). This year I feel FULL!

I was also challenged and blessed by Miss Edie's post today at Life in Grace. Here it is. Praying for you and your family, Edie!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spray Away

After reading about Becky Higgins' obsession with spraypaint last fall, I set out to find a few secondhand pieces of my own to whip into shape. Our area is not known for it's high-end resale boutiques. These were all pretty dirty (and pretty cheap) when spotted, but hunting for a diamond in the rough is half the fun. If you decide to try it, wash the item well. Any residual dirt or grease can mar the outcome.

Here are my rules:
  1. Don't spend more than $5
  2. Pay attention to shape and line
  3. Be able to picture it in the house somewhere
  4. Just because it's paintable doesn't mean it's beautiful
  5. Spraypaint color is king
For what it's worth, I've found Home Depot to be the best spraypaint resource of the big box stores. They have a wide variety of colors and the prices are good. Here are a couple of pieces I scrounged up.

This one was a good find. Cheap and cute. We could use it for almost anything (but I'm a sucker for oranges).

Lesson learned on this little yellow number. The finish was too shiny and I didn't sand or prime before spraying it. I do like the shape and will probably start over with it on a sunny day this spring.

This is a rustic lantern we received as a gift a dozen years ago. I've always loved the shape, but could do without the finish. So now it's got a fresh coat of mossy green and it feels new again.

Here's a candle holder I found at the Salvation Army. Again, lesson learned. The finish was too shiny and the paint couldn't cover competely without appearing uneven. I don't mind the peek-a-boo color and still display it in it's less than perfect state.

The challenge to find something worthy of painting was fun. I now keep my eyes peeled for future paintable pieces. Do you have a spray paint story?

Monday, April 11, 2011


At what point does it become okay to stifle a child's creativity?

Please tell me. I desperately need help.

A train has taken over the house. Seemingly the entire house.

It's meandering through the dining room . . .

Holding the stairs hostage . . .

Cutting through the main hall . . .

Creating tripping snares . . .

Causing Middle-of-the-Night danger . . .

All to end in a loop right where it began. But the boys are having fun  . . . at least when Moose isn't trying to horn in on Fritz's engineering.

It's actually a very impressive track, and makes me super-glad we didn't buy the train table new. Who needs a train table when you've got the entire world as your stage.

But it's time . . . and although there will be tears, we'll rebuild in a (less dangerous) more suitable location (the basement).

Aaahh . . . perfect! All Aboard!

Friday, April 8, 2011


As I recently mentioned, we moved into a new house about 5 months ago.

There are still boxes left to unpack.

2 1/2 boxes in the boys' room and an embarrassing amount stacked in the otherwise empty dining room.

Now in my defense, most of the dining room boxes fit in to 1 of 2 categories:
  • unimportant pantry items that await a shelf
  • an abundant number of books that await a shelf.
But still, it's painfully obvious to all who enter that we are not entirely unpacked.

It's tough to unpack the unpretty stuff. My accessories were unpacked long before they had a home, but the hand-me-down bundt pan has yet to emerge from a cardboard box.

Today I had a pleasant surprise. The 3rd box in the boys' room shouldn't have been there at all. It should have been with accessories.

Because I found a spring-y piece for my mantle.

And a cute book basket for Schnickle's room.

And candles. Lots of beautiful, white pillar candles. It truly is the little things, isn't it? 'Cause in the midst of opening boring boxes filled with uninteresting items I suddenly found color!

Don't you love color?

This may just look like a box of odds and ends to you, but to me it is glorious inspiration.

Don't quit now!