Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Place to Sit

I love occasional chairs. They just have that certain something.

A touch of color.

A bit of shape.

And a place to perch.

They're the total package.

While I'd really love to furnish my home with chairs like these:

or these:

Reality finds us sitting upon something more like this ($1 each on the side of the road):

But I've seen cute things done with a promising chair. Like this one:

So when I found these nuggets on Craigslist for $75 for the pair, I pounced.

Now I have to decide whether to A: paint the upholstery (gasp) like they did here, B: tear them all apart and hope they go back together better than the Humpty Dumpties that they are. Or C: just throw a couple of pillows on them and pretend people don't notice how old the upholstry is or how someone in their past used a brown marker to color in the faded arms.

Right now "C" is winning.  Maybe I'll be inspired soon or inherit some upholstering tools. For now, they hold sitting people - (the bar is obviously set very high) and fill up a corner of the Great Room nicely. Any guesses on how old my kiddos will be when these finally get a facelift? Hopefully they'll still live at home.