Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spray Away

After reading about Becky Higgins' obsession with spraypaint last fall, I set out to find a few secondhand pieces of my own to whip into shape. Our area is not known for it's high-end resale boutiques. These were all pretty dirty (and pretty cheap) when spotted, but hunting for a diamond in the rough is half the fun. If you decide to try it, wash the item well. Any residual dirt or grease can mar the outcome.

Here are my rules:
  1. Don't spend more than $5
  2. Pay attention to shape and line
  3. Be able to picture it in the house somewhere
  4. Just because it's paintable doesn't mean it's beautiful
  5. Spraypaint color is king
For what it's worth, I've found Home Depot to be the best spraypaint resource of the big box stores. They have a wide variety of colors and the prices are good. Here are a couple of pieces I scrounged up.

This one was a good find. Cheap and cute. We could use it for almost anything (but I'm a sucker for oranges).

Lesson learned on this little yellow number. The finish was too shiny and I didn't sand or prime before spraying it. I do like the shape and will probably start over with it on a sunny day this spring.

This is a rustic lantern we received as a gift a dozen years ago. I've always loved the shape, but could do without the finish. So now it's got a fresh coat of mossy green and it feels new again.

Here's a candle holder I found at the Salvation Army. Again, lesson learned. The finish was too shiny and the paint couldn't cover competely without appearing uneven. I don't mind the peek-a-boo color and still display it in it's less than perfect state.

The challenge to find something worthy of painting was fun. I now keep my eyes peeled for future paintable pieces. Do you have a spray paint story?

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