Thursday, March 10, 2011


There are sickies among us. One in particular. Schnickle has that blasted virus going around that causes horrid congestion, headache and a high fever. Yuck. We're currently on Day 4. Double Yuck.

So here's the face of viral infection.

Believe it or not, she's had a sweet spirit this entire week. We've had some much-needed mother-daughter time and have played numerous games of this,

read stacks of these

and tracked and treated the dreaded Fever.

It's been quite the season of sickness. We've battled the flu, sinus infections, stuffy noses, ear infections, teething and aches and pains. We adore our doctor, but would love to not see him for a while. I warned Kevin that he may come home to find me curled in a ball under the kitchen table with a Diet Coke and a bag of Cheetos.

But in the meantime, we've been able to steal moments like this as well. Boy, do I love my babies.

Through it all, I'm thankful for a God who made our bodies to heal and thrive. (I'm not gonna lie, I'm also quite thankful for a digital ear thermometer and a rotating regimen of acetaminophen and ibuprofen.)

Catch you later. Gotta go get the thermometer.

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