Monday, March 21, 2011

ReStore It!

Recently the boys and I have been browsing at the local ReStore every week or so. It's never the same place twice and while I think their pricing is a bit on the swollen side, it's still possible to find a good deal.

I had my eye on a couple of pieces and waited (impatiently) for their prices to reflect their stagnant state. On one piece my patience was rewarded with $ savings. Alas, on the amazing still-in-the-box lighting fixtures my cheapness caught up with me. They were long gone when I went back to check. There were almost tears in my eyes. I just kept saying, "Oh, no! Oh, no! I'll have to tell you what we plan to do in place of gorgeous light fixtures in a future post.

Meanwhile, here's a peek at the items I've picked up the last few months.

Cabinet door for $7

Bookcase for $25

2 bookcase end tables for $12 each (technically, these are from the Salvation Army and were purchased in the summer).

Wire storage items $3 total

Bamboo tables for $12 each

These bamboo, glass-topped end tables are still in their original state. I've tossed around the idea of painting them a fun yet sophisticated shade, but have found neither the courage nor the color to inspire. For now they're fine and functional.

I'll be sure to show you what I've done to the other pieces to make them presentable in our home.

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