Friday, March 18, 2011

Laundry Inspiration

It's Spring Cleaning time again. And that means an influx of articles out there with cleaning instructions and schedules, to-do lists and miracle products.

I'm exhausted just reading about it. So in the spirit of spring cleaning I thought I'd post my own inspiration for getting the laundry done.

Just a bit of background here. I do not have trouble washing our clothes. Or drying them, for that matter. Even ironing has it's moments. It's the folding and putting away steps that elude me.

I know, why wash clothes if you don't put them away? That's the question that doesn't seem to get answered around here.  I'm of the rare breed that walks impeded through her laundry room due to the abundance of clean clothes.

Although blushing from admitting this, those of you who have dared open my laundry room door can attest to this weakness of mine.

So while I draw the line at showing Blogland a picture of the laundry room in the throes of distress, I will show you what I did about it.

Enter - Fabric! It's the balm for so many household ailments. I found this on clearance at JoAnn's and used my trusty 50% off coupon for even better savings.

Now to be completely honest, I never did get around to using the thread. Thread is highly overrated when time is of the essence.

I give you item #1. Our wacky cabinet. The washing machine thoughtlessly trespasses into the laundry room, keeping the cabinet door from opening more than a few inches.  Problem is, I love storage. And tucked back behind there is about 12 square feet of storage. It's calling to me. If only I could get to it. 

Solution - trusty fabric. After removing the cabinet door I made this little number with some fabric and stitch witchery (love that stuff). It's secured to the cabinet with upholstery tacks (love those too).

And, voila! Paint storage. Ahhhh . . . I'm almost feeling like folding some clothes. But first, one more necessity. How could I introduce fabric into the room without addressing the window? I found ideas for window mistreatments on Nesting Place. This particular mistreatment is here. It only took some fabric, 5 upholstery tacks and 15 minutes.

There. That's better. I can now fold laundry and put it away . . . and I did.

Now if I could just get window treatments atop all the other windows.

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