Friday, March 11, 2011

Bathing Beauties

Last year our school's wonderful 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. F., happened to mention she'd always wanted a clawfoot tub in her classroom. I was bemused, befuddled and bewildered.

Turns out she wanted this tub to be a reading spot for her kiddos.

Well, if that didn't sound like an interesting challenge I don't know what would!

So unbeknownst to her we spent the next few months scrounging Craigslist in search of a tub.

We found many. All either too expensive ($600?), too gross (someone actually bathed in there?) or needing too much work (reglazing was not an option).

At one point we'd spoken with a lady in Toledo who said we could have one for a reasonable price if we removed it ourselves from her 2nd story bathroom. The catch - we had to wait a month till they were ready to remodel.

No problem. I informed the teacher and we got a group of strong folks who'd drive the hour+ to Toledo to fetch the thing.

Fast forward 2 months with no word from the seller. Turns out they decided to wait at least a year to remodel.

Square one. But Craigslist always comes through. We finally found a couple nearby who'd sell us a claw foot, cast iron tub for $100.

SOLD! All it needed was some elbow grease and fun paint.

And when I informed the couple what was in store for the tub, they dropped the price to $50! Turns out the lady had a jr. high teacher with the same inspiration as Mrs. F.

So the 3rd grade classroom now has a tub worthy of a nap, a good book or a Kindle.

Thank you, Craigslist!

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  1. What fun! I know Megan would have loved to have this in her classroom when she was teaching.