Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Extreme Me!

As a random user of coupons I have a difficult time staying on top of household savings. Recently, after watching "Extreme Couponing," I have embarked upon a savings spree.

Now, let's be real. I neither practice, nor condone, many of the methods and goals of the couponers highlighted on the "Extreme Couponing" show. Just saying, don't expect me to pay $3.75 for $800 of groceries.

But every little bit counts. And when I heard an extreme couponer say, "I will never again spend more than a dollar for a box of cereal," I wanted in!

This is my first week of really researching coupon deals. You all probably already know these websites, but here are the two I like the best so far. (find out how to get a FREE Swiffer Duster on May 10, 2011)

Kevin and I are not interested in housing a grocery store in our basement or garage. Therefore, I've set a few boundaries for myself.

  • shop with a smile
  • teach my children to appreciate a good deal
  • purchase some items without a coupon
  • be organized
  • spend tons of time planning my attack
  • drive long distances to save a dollar
  • purchase items we will not/do not use
  • stockpile a year's supply of anything
  • become obsessed
  • load 6 grocery carts full of shaving gel just because it's free
So, today was my first "coupon trip" to Target. Most of the deals were listed on I was thrilled with the outcome. Even though I bought some big ticket items (2 lg. boxes of diapers and 2 lg. packs of paper towel), my savings was significant. It was worth the gallon of milk that spilled all over the checkout lane.

Bottom line, I got $178 worth of sale/couponed items for $115. I saved $63, plus received $15 in Target giftcards. So, essentially, $178 for $100. Not too shabby! It breaks down to a 44% savings.

I'm certainly not an expert, but wanted to celebrate some savings. Hopefully in the next few months I'll learn to finesse my approach and pick up some good tips.

Happy Coupon Clipping!

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  1. Yay for you! It makes grocery shopping kind of fun when you get great deals. I was cutting some coupons during seatwork time on Monday, and one of the third graders asked me if I am an extreme couponer. I thought that was kind of funny. :)