Friday, May 6, 2011

a friend with a chainsaw

We love our friends. All of them. We have amazing pals in our life.

But today I have a favorite.

This one.  Jooooooosshhh!

He came on Saturday morning. He brought his chainsaw with him.

The chainsaw charmed me . . . and my son.

I asked Kevin if I could get one. Maybe a junior-sized pink one with an automatic push-button start.

I briefly pictured myself trolling through our "woods" in search of downed trees and branches.

I could start a firewood business.

He said no.

Then I asked if he would charm me with his chainsaw skills.

Again, a no.

And since I have no desire to make an emergency room run or preserve a sawn-off digit in milk, I've reluctantly given up my chainsaw dream.

But Josh and his sawdust-producing toy are welcome at my house any time.

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