Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Slimy Friend

Saturday was spent readying the house and yard for summer. Kevin pulled things and raked things and got the kiddos involved.

I stayed inside doing all the crazy cleaning things moms do when the children are otherwise occupied. Precious moments.

I did venture out in the yard once or twice. Once was to see this little guy.

We didn't like each other. He was camera-shy and quite aggressive about it.

I turned into a momma bear cautioning my cubs to keep a safe distance. Actually, a king cobra couldn't have reached them from where I forced them to stand.

Then my hero came with a shovel and a determined look on his face.

After we soundly and simultaneously nixed Schickle's idea involving a live snake and an aquarium, she insisted we bury the thing by a tree so that its decomposing carcass could feed surrounding plant life. Her 3rd grade teacher should be proud.

So now it's in a shallow grave along with my innocence. May it be the first and last slithering visitor to my beloved Creekside.

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