Friday, October 28, 2011

My New Love

Saturday marked our 1-year anniversary of life at Creekside. We are so thankful for our home and love that it's useful for guests. Until last week the two most important features of the house were:
1. a master bath (hallelujah!)
2. a playroom.

Until last week, that is. I now have a new favorite feature.

Drumroll, please.

My pantry.

She's beautiful and my love for her has overtaken the affection I have for all other inanimate objects combined.

Check her out.

She's tall. I actually need a stepladder to reach her heights.

And thin. One entire wall is 7" deep shelves that are perfect for food pantry items. The kiddos can even reach their own cereal in the morning. Love that! I even stocked up on sale cereal just because I had the space to store it all.

And organized. All the shelves are adjustable. (you may notice the Nutella perched next to the Jiff - 1st time buyer and already crave the chocolate nuttiness)

And bejeweled. These little sliding drawer beauties have resided with us in all 3 houses and will now hold potatoes and onions.

And accessorized. Bright Marble and Granite gave us a great deal on a remnant slab of granite for the counter.

I love her. She's my new BFF. And if you ever need to borrow a cup of sugar I know exactly where it is.


  1. Kristen, I love your pantry! I have a friend with a pantry counter like that where she can plug in her crock pot, breadmaker, etc. Yours is lovely. Have you tried the Nutella on waffles?

  2. how dreamy! i need to visit creekside again soon...i can't quite picture where this little bit of happiness is situated.

  3. @ becka - thanks! I'm still tweaking things here and there, but the crock pot is perched on the countertop right next to the electrical outlet. Will have to try Nutella on waffles next. Sounds yummy.
    @Edelind - visit us anytime! You can spend as much time in the pantry as you'd like. (I'll stock it with Oreos)