Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a birthday party

In case you couldn't do the math on your own, I'm WAY behind in blogging. Someone is probably making a motion right now to banish me from the blogosphere. It's bad. 80 days bad.

So I'm going to throw in a few memories from the months of August and September just for fun (and because those pictures are already downloaded to my computer).

August is Schnickle's birthday month. Schnickle loves birthdays. Schnickle loves to talk about birthdays and ask for birthday presents 50 weeks before her next birthday. Schnickle invites strangers and neighbors and classmates and family members to future birthday parties that may or may not take place.

So this year, Schnickle had a birthday party. We held it exactly 3 days after arriving home from a week-long vacation. Note to self: refrain from doing that ever again.

We had 18 little girls running around our place for 4 hours. (I never realized before how long 4 hours can feel).

Aren't little girls just the cutest? I love how they know everything and never stop talking - even if they're all talking at once.

We played Candy Basketball
We ate Walking Tacos (tacos in a Fritos bag)
We crafted personalized cupcakes

We ate colorful cupcakes
We opened presents
We had Freezepops
We waterballooned
We swam (I say "we" loosely here)
We swung

And had an all-around good time. Schnickle was in her glory and I think all the girls had fun (please don't tell me if they didn't). We sent them on their way with a framed photo of the bunch and a bag of goodies. Then we crashed, did laundry from vacation and began planning for the first day of school, which was only a week away.

And now the countdown to her 10th birthday has begun.

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  1. I'm sure they all had a wonderful time! The cupcakes were lovely.