Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adoption Day!

It's official . . . Moose is a keeper!

Schnickle and Fritz were disappointed when they found out we weren't going to the Supreme Court for Moose's adoption finalization.

The judge shared in their disappointment when we relayed their feelings to her. She promised she'd invite them to visit if/when she was appointed to that auspicious institution.

Little Moose spotted that yellow bus as soon as we entered the courtroom. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with our little Moose, once he wraps his interest around something, it sticks.

"Bus . . . bus . . . bus . . . bus . . . bus . . ." We acknowledged the bus and smiled sweetly at the Keeper of the Gavel, admiring the yellow transportation vehicle, while suddenly remembering the other two offspring weren't yet able to speak at their Adoption Days. Being the Uptight Mom that I am, my mind suddenly began darting to and fro to all the things Moose might utter and rating their position on the Appropriateness Scale.

Then he spotted suckers and it was all over. His repetition became more intense and demanding, "sucker . . . Sucker . . . SUckeR . . . SUCKER . . . " We continued to smile at the Robe-Wearer, trying desperately to retain The Perfect Family status.

The judge immediately offered suckers to the children and their mother nodded sweetly while demanding with her eyes that the Older Children thank the Powerful Lady for her generosity and quietly hold on to colorful treats until The Pronouncement of Parenthood and Child Foreverness could be completed.

So, all of Moose's pictures have a sucker stick poking from betwixt his lips with a mixed look of glee and wariness that someone might remove said stick before all flavor had been consumed.

Then she declared Moose officially ours!

What fun!

Adoption Day is truly miraculous and amazing. I'm not sure why it feels mysterious. There are no surprises. There is no fear. It's just that one minute you enter a room as the parent of 2 children and the next, you exit with 3. After so much work on the front end, the process ends so quickly and effortlessly. You wipe away the tear while unable to wipe the smile from your face.

And while it feels like something is finished and that a weight you didn't know you were carrying has been lifted, it's only just begun and upon that realization, a new, monstrous weight crashes back on your shoulders. But it's ok. Because you own that weight now.

As an adoptee and an adopting mom, I've heard a lot about grafted family trees and forever families and nature vs. nurture, but really, the Lord makes the whole thing all about growing your heart for one more soul. It's beautiful and complex and noble. Yes, little Moose needs all the love and guidance our hearts can muster, but it's our mustering hearts that receive all the joys and blessings.

All that to say, Adoption Day is the. best. day!

You ought to try it!


  1. So thankful this day has come for you!

  2. Love, love, love! What an exciting time for your family:) Jadon became a part of our "forever" family on January 17, 2011 shortly after he turned 9 months! Adopted kids are truly God's richest blessing to us:) Thanks for sharing your story.

    Mary-Lou (Eunice's friend)