Saturday, January 15, 2011


We had a breakthrough this summer. My mother's dear sister and I talked my mother into getting her ears pierced!

You don't understand. My mother inadvertently instilled an obsessive behavior in me.

For over 30 years I have been unable to pass a rotating earring rack without twirling it to see if there are any clip earrings residing there. Not for me. No, I have my ears pierced.

It's for my mother. And it's bad. She has the largest collection of clip earrings east of the Mississippi. She must, as I've only ever found 1 or 2 pair in a single mall at any given time.

I've begged. And cajoled. And made vast promises and a nuisance of myself. All in vain.

Enter: Aunt Sandy.

Seems mother couldn't take it from the both of us. After all, Aunt Sandy has her ears pierced and Aunt Sandy's sweet mother-in-law got hers pierced long after SHE was a grandmother.

So when my mom wanted to take Snickle to get her ears pierced for her birthday, the stars aligned.

Snickle didn't disappoint. Ear 1 went without a hitch.

Ear 2 almost didn't happen.

But we're glad it did. At least we were for the first couple of months. We turned the earrings and applied special ointment and took a trip to Claire's and on and on.

However, it seems The Changing of the Earrings caused consternation and we were left earringless for a day or so. Somehow in that 30-hour timeframe Ear 2 decided to close.

Unfortunately, there was no going back without causing excruciating pain. I knew it wouldn't happen. Snickle had developed a well-honed earlobe protection instinct.

We're back to square 1 with Snickle. Naked ears. But mom has found a new lease on jewelry possibilities (Although she won't let me get rid of all the clips. Maybe next time Aunt Sandy is in town . . .)

At least I don't have to twirl earring racks anymore.

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