Friday, December 17, 2010

decisions. decisions.

There are too many decisions to make when beginning a blog. To show one's profile or to hide it? To change background colors or stick with blue? To decide what country one is from.

Whew. Too many choices.

Am I from Bangladesh or Saint Pierre or Miquelon?

Pitcairn, anyone? or New Caledonia?

I almost moved so that I could check "United States minor outlying island," but as I don't own a seaworthy vessel it seemed a stretch.

I had to look up "Saint Pierre or Miquelon." I'm still a little confused.

Turns out these two small islands reside a mere 10 kilometers from a Newfoundland island and only 60 kilometers from Newfoundland proper.

They speak French there and use the Euro.

That decided it. I'm staying in Michigan. I'm still less than 60 kilometers from Canada and I won't have to buy a boat.

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